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Make yourself ready to enter the industry as a professional Tester

Everyone runs behind to learn the programming languages. But if you didn’t have any interest in learning programming so you are looking for the 6 Weeks Industrial Training In Software Testing then we are here for you.

Software Testing in the today’s era has very necessary for the majority of the corporate industry. Software Testing is actually helped to test errors or bugs in a software which is under process to provide you with an error-free software system and a reliable solution to the customer. So, the need of the s software testers is in the huge requirement in the industry so the testing is a very good option for the fresher to start up their career.

We at SMARTWINZ SOLUTIONS provide 6 Weeks Industrial Training In Software Testing, 6 Months Industrial Training In Software Testing.We provide project-based training to our students in which we give real-time projects and assignments to our students which help them to understand how they can practically fix the errors of the software.


Why software testing?

The growth scenarios in this field are also good and also a right decision to start up your career. Apart from this testers are also get paid the good salary.So, if you are job seeker and looking for a job then this 6 Weeks Industrial Training In Software Testing proves very useful to you.

Courses of we provide during 6 Weeks Industrial Training In Software Testing:-

Introduction to the Software Testing.

Manual testing.

Functional testing

Advance testing.

You must be thinking there are no. of the training institute in the city then why Smartwinz solutions.Here are the reasons why us.

  1. 100% Guaranteed Placement in MNC
  2. Contains well-qualified Employees with Min. 7 Years of Industry Experts are Trainers here
  3. Practical & Job Oriented Training on the Real Time Projects

So, hurry up and registered as soon as possible.